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Love this Rookie Mag font.


08th Jan
Rookie Mag Font

✿1960′s Fashion Photoshoot✿

"WARNING" This short post is not as similar, and freelance as my other blog posts. I've decided to write this blog post for my Art School project about the early 60's fashion & photography in the continent of Africa!

23rd Nov
Erlin Ibreck posing in London.

♡School Daze: Summer Officially OVER♡

Summer is over, no more swimsuits, sunscreen, and short-shorts!

15th Aug
Too Cool for School.

Portland/Seattle Summer Trip! Day: 1

Day: 1 My Portland/Seattle summer trip overview!

04th Aug
Rental car's license plate.

2012 Pussy Riot Benefit Show / Vivian Girls interview!

This was a interview I did last summer (2012), for fun at a Pussy Riot Benefit show. At The Smell, Los Angeles with the all-girl rock band Vivian Girls!!!

24th Jun
Pussy Riot Benefit Show Flyer!

Arctic Monkeys New Single!

Arctic Monkeys new single released called: "Do I Wanna Know?"

19th Jun
Arctic Monkeys New Single: "Do I Wanna Know?"

What’s Happening Dee?

Dee Thomas: Ooh, you're gonna get it! Roger Thomas: Shut your face! Mama: Don't you talk to your sister like that! Dee Thomas: Yeah, don't you talk to your sister like that! Mama: Shut your face!

12th Jun
What's Happening!!

T-Bird Gal!

This 1963 Thunderbird Classic is about 50 years old! As you can see in the picture it needs to be restored, for this car has been sitting in my grandpa's backyard for ages! My twin brother Solomon, and I plan on someday bringing it back to sunny California, and restoring the whole car back to it's old tip-top shape. We then shall be riding in style! (Once we get our driver's license of course!) - Madeleine Angel

12th Jun
Me with my grandpa Ortega's old Thunderbird.

School’s Out!

This past week was finally my last week of school.

06th Jun
This is me.