Arctic Monkeys New Single!

Arctic Monkeys New Single

Arctic Monkeys New Single

Last night, the new Arctic Monkeys single “Do I Wanna Know?” was released online everywhere unexpectedly for all the AM fans. They started to freak out on every one of their social networks Tumblr, Twitter, and of course Facebook. (Dedicated music fans I would say ^.^ Geezz) I fell asleep earlier, so I barely heard the song this morning. It’s sounds just like it could’ve of been on their past album “Suck It and See” released June 6th 2011, right when I was in the end of my horrid 7th grade year. AHHH OLD SUMMER MEMORIES!!

Arctic Monkeys 2013

Arctic Monkeys 2013

In the song, AM drummer Matt Helders plays slow drum beats throughout the song, bass man Nick O’Malley’s deep bass notes thump slowly to Alex Turner, and Jamie Cook’s guitars mixing in together nicely. With all of the band members except Alex Turner singing the background pre-chorus in a manly soft high-tune “Do I wanna know, sad to see you go, and that we both know.” This part of song makes me want to swoon to this slow rock song with “love letter lyrics.” This is a good AM single in my opinion, for my kind of music taste because Suck It and See is one of my favorite all time summer rock albums.

The “Do I Wanna Know?” single will be on their 5th AM album, hopefully being released this fall, or sometime during this year. I’ve heard from many music blogs such as Pitchfork, and NME magazine. Also, the 5th AM album is supposedly produced by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Joshua Homme, or either English music producer James Ford. Just like on their 3rd AM album “Humbug“, and 4th album “Suck It and See.” I can’t wait for more new Arctic Monkeys stuff to come out soon because i’ve been obsessed with them since the 6th grade, and British rock bands always have a soft spot in my music heart. ♡ – Madeleine Angel

“Do I Wanna Know?” Video Release: 

New Arctic Monkeys update!!! Arctic Monkeys release their fifth album, entitled ‘AM’ on Monday 9th September 2013.

Available on CD, Vinyl, Special Edition Vinyl & Digital download – you can pre-order the record from:

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